NEW PRODUCT! Fresco Sweet™ – Makes Everything Good to Eat

Fresco SweetTM is a naturally processed, dry sweetener, is gluten free, hypoallergenic, and has a low glycemic effect. It contains no fructose. Continue reading

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Natural Health Remedies: Healthy Living Tips

In this day and age of synthetic drug prescriptions, over-prescribing and tendency to treat the symptoms rather than the cause of health conditions, more and more people are looking for natural health remedies. Whether you suffer from allergies, digestive disorders, mental incapacities (such as attention deficit disorder) or premature aging, these healthy living tips can help cure what is ailing you. Continue reading

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The Air You Breathe: “Sick Building Syndrome” and Building-Related Illness

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). Building Related Illness (BRI).These are terms that have recently made it to the forefront of environmental issues, usually as they relate to the workplace.The ambient air in the workplace and on airplanes has been studied and regulated. Current funding has been appropriated to further research the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of public places. But the question has to be asked, “Can poor IAQ affect your home environment?” The answer is a resounding, “YES!” Continue reading

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Top Ten Best-Researched Herbs

Beautiful to behold in nature, many plants have been used medicinally for thousands of years. Here are ten proven medicinal herbs that scientists have tested in clinical studies. Few people are aware of the multitude of scientific studies done on plants. This information should not be used as medical advice. Continue reading

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Aromatherapy – The Therapy That Makes Scents

The pure essences distilled from aromatic plants have been prized for their health-giving qualities for thousands of years. Using the beneficial properties of oils, you can treat common ailments, promote good health and emotional well-being, and enhance every aspect of your life. These potent, volatile essences are nature’s gift to mind, body, and spirit. Continue reading

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Alternative Health – A History

Alternative Health is the focus of discussion for this page, with the emphasis on the history of Alternative Health and the evolution of Alternative Health in the cultures of the Western World. The emphasis of Alternative Health is on herbal medicines and more information on herbals can be found by clicking the previous herbal medicines link. Continue reading

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Vitamin D – Super Antibiotic

A Basic Essential Nutrient Needed Now, More than Ever Before

The major biologic function of vitamin D is to maintain normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus. By promoting calcium absorption, vitamin D helps to form and maintain strong bones. Vitamin D also works in concert with a number of other vitamins, minerals, and hormones to promote bone mineralization. Without vitamin D, bones can become thin, brittle, or misshapen. Vitamin D sufficiency prevents rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults, two forms of skeletal diseases that weaken bones. Research also suggests that vitamin D may help maintain a healthy immune system and help regulate cell growth and differentiation, the process that determines what a cell is to become. Continue reading

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Simple Steps to Staying Healthy at the Office

With today’s Information Age, most of us have become knowledge workers – which means a lot of time on our heinies in front of a computer. Thankfully, we have guest bloggers like Jakob Barry to give us a few tips in how to combat the negative health effects of working in an office. Continue reading

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Healthy Cooking Oil: Why Virgin Coconut Oil Is the Best

Healthy cooking oil expert Mary G. Enig, of the Weston Price Foundation has to say this about coconut oil:

“Coconut oil has a unique role in the diet as an important physiologically functional food. The health and nutritional benefits that can be derived from consuming coconut oil have been recognized in many parts of the world for centuries. ”

– Mary G. Enig, PhD

Would you like to know why virgin coconut oil is considered the best choice for a healthy cooking oil? Continue reading

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The Dangers of Soy Are Real–and Much Worse Than You Might Think

Promoting soy foods as health foods while ignoring the dangers of soy and soy derivatives should be considered a crime against humanity. If you think this statement is too extreme, read this article to the end, and then see what you think! Continue reading

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