How to create healthy eating habits

Children are like a sponge, it is not taught, it is (mostly) caught

Encourage your entire family to be involved in developing healthy eating habits if you want your children to catch it. 

It’s important to have breakfast
It could be one of the important regular activities for your child. A healthy breakfast is meant to prepare muscles for the daily activities and push the much-needed carbohydrates for stabilizing the levels of blood sugar. A child tends to overeat during the latter part of the day when his hunger isn’t met by a heavy breakfast early on.

Eat at Home 
By limiting your habit to eat out, you’ll help your kids to maintain a healthy body weight.

Children tend to opt for nuggets and burgers containing much higher calories even when their favorite restaurants have several low-calorie options.

Restrict Portions
Behavioral researchers have gone to the extent of proving certain environmental cues as the primary causes behind our eating and drinking habits. They have proven that the smaller cups and plates even urge us to consume less in comparison to those cups and plates that are much bigger in size. It’s truly important for us to restrict the size of our plates and cups for the entire household.


Researchers have also linked eating foods organically grown to even more health benefits, including a reduction in obesity and type 2 diabetes, two of the more common health concerns facing people today.

Just as it is important to provide children with enough nutrition, it is also important to assess how much they’re eating — and what they’re eating. Nearly one in three children are overweight or obese, according to, which places them at a higher risk of developing obesity and other chronic diseases in adult life.

Caloric intake and nutrient needs will vary, depending on your child’s age, size, activity level and on his overall health status. Providing your child with healthy food choices and demonstrating healthy eating habits is one important way to prevent your child from becoming a statistic.

By introducing your child to a variety of healthy food choices, you can teach him how to live a healthier lifestyle that can ensure proper growth and development for the rest of his life