Certified Pure Organic

For Adults, Children & Pets

100% Additive-Free (no fillers)

1 lb. bag – 60-90 Day Supply

Organic Sulfur is a bio-active form of Sulfur and is also known as “MSM” MethylSulfonylMethane.  MSM is also a popular joint health supplement. It also naturally occurs in some green vegetables and other foods.  

Organic sulfur is one of the basic building blocks of vibrant health, essential for maintaining everything from youthful skin and joints to a healthy digestive system.  The body uses up its store daily so it must be continually replenished for optimal health and nutrition.

“You can trace every sickness, disease, and alignments to mineral deficiencies”…Linus Pauling

The amount of naturally occurring Organic Sulfur in food is far lower today, than it was in the past.  Many believe this is due:
1.  We now use very intensive farming methods that can strip the soil of its Sulfur (and other mineral) content.

2. We also use a lot of chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides that can degrade the soils Sulfur content.

It appears that the epidemiology of countries using chemical fertilizers have an increase in diseases, while those that use organically based fertilizing methods do not.

impressive benefits

Pain & inflammation relief

A clinical trial testing the effects of MSM on joint pain in 118 patients with osteoarthritis found that compared to a placebo, MSM supplements taken over 12 weeks resulted in more improvements in pain, swelling and joint mobility.(1) 

MSM helps decrease joint inflammation, improves flexibility and restores collagen production. MSM can be beneficial for helping the body form new joint and muscle tissue while lowering inflammatory responses that contribute to swelling and stiffness. (2)

One of inflammations key triggers is from cells that actually swell up from excess waste and inflammatory agents locked-up in the cells.  Organic Sulfur works on helping the body resolve these issues, rather than masking inflammation and pain like most options. (3) (4)

When low in Sulfur, the body can have issues dampening these pain impulses.  Organic Sulfur has a unique action on body pain by helping inhibit pain responses on the “C-type” nerve fiber.  These C-type nerve fibers sit on the end of nerve cells, and are responsible for transmitting most of the pain people feel. (5)


Elastic, “breathable” blood vessel tissues are able to pass oxygen and nutrients through their walls to nourish the rest of the body and handle the body’s blood flow without stress. (6).  

Improves Digestive Problems

Organic sulfur can aid in healing leaky gut syndrome since it can help stop particles from leaching out the gut through small junction openings, where they can enter the bloodstream and ignite an inflammatory response. (7)  Parasites find that the lining of the stomach and intestines too “pliable or slippery” to sink their hooks into.


Organic sulfur seems to help treat hemorrhoids. Applying a gel containing MSM along with tea tree oil can reduce pain and swelling caused by hemorrhoids (swollen blood vessels of the rectum that make it hard to go to the bathroom without pain or bleeding) (8)

Muscle Pain, spasms & cartilage repair

Your joints, muscles, cartilage and the surrounding structural tissue are all primarily made from Sulfur compounds.  When your joint and muscle structures become weak, the net result can be significant pain & poor mobility.  So when low in Sulfur these areas can quickly degenerate and can cause significant pain and lack of flexibility.

Adding Organic Sulfur you can help your body regenerate, repair and maintain your joints, muscles and cartilage, as quick as within 10 days. (9) (10)

MSM also restores the flexibility and permeability of cell walls within muscles, which means nutrients can pass through the tissues more easily, facilitating repair work faster and removing lactic acid, which causes that “burning feeling” following exercise. The result is less time needed for recovery, plus reduced pressure, soreness and cramps.

Creates Energy, Fight Fatigue, Adapt to Stress

Organic Sulfur helps flood your cells with healing, energy-boosting oxygen. This unique action can quickly help the body alleviate fatigue, giving all-day long energy.

When low on Sulfur, cells can have trouble with critical oxygen intake from the bloodstream.  Organic Sulfur helps to open up your cells membranes allowing better access to oxygen from the bloodstream. (11) (12)

Sleep Aid

Organic sulfur has shown to improve sleep.  Snoring can also be reduced by using a spray-mist of water and organic sulfur solution inhaled into the nose twice a day and at bedtime.  (13)

Detoxification at a cellular level.

Sulfur with an atomic number of 16 is known to bond with almost every other mineral.  Sulfur has demonstrated its ability to detoxify heavy metals in conjunction with the transport of oxygen across the cell membrane, thus allowing regeneration.

Organic Sulfur helps the body remove and reduce toxin load.  This can help the body experience increased feelings of wellness and more optimal function.  This also helps optimize cellular function & supercharge cellular health.


Organic Sulfur helps beauty from the inside out. Keratin the protein responsible for your hair thickness and nail strength & appearance, and Collagen, the protein responsible for skin health, tightness and complexion are both fully Sulfur dependent proteins. (14)

The more Sulfur you have, the better your body can generate & optimize Keratin & Collagen production. (15)  By dissolving Organic Sulfur in a spray bottle full of water, you can spray it on your skin and on your face regularly for a soft healthy glow!


Insulin controls carbohydrate metabolism, but insufficient sulfur makes it harder for the pancreas to produce enough insulin, and makes cells less able to absorb things from the blood, contributing to blood sugar problems. (16)


Mr. Patrick McGean is the pioneer of the Cellular Matrix Study and has created an organic sulfur revolution.  In 1999, his son was diagnosed with a fatal type of  cancer but  recovered using  pure organic sulfur.  After that, Patrick  created the world wide sulfur study with now over five  million people.  This is a study which reports how sulfur has helped cellular regeneration of its members.  Patrick McGean has sourced the best organic sulfur from Louisiana maritime pine trees. (17)

Excellent addition to chemotherapy.  It will help the chemotherapy target the cancer cells and will thus make the chemotherapy more effective and protect many of the non-cancerous cells.

Because of the oxygenation of the cells and tissues, which creates an aerobic environment, cancer cells cannot exist. (18)

safe for children

Children get the same, great benefits as adults.  Diabetes is rampant with our young people today, sulfur has been very beneficial in helping with diabetes.  Add 1/8 tsp per 30 lbs of body weight to their juice or smoothies; along with a healthy diet (no trans-fats, high fructose, msg, aspartame, hydrogenated foods).  Teaching your children to cook healthy foods, its a great way to spend time with them…involve the entire family…healthy in so many ways!

Great for Pets

Animals can take Organic Sulfur too for pain, inflammation, and fatigue, are also applicable to dogs, cats and horses.

They can experience increased energy, increased mobility, reduced joint pain, and a shiny coat of hair and more. Pets can take sulfur in their daily water (non chlorinated).

Imagine limiting the suffering of your dear pets, and ending expensive vet bills at the same time, just by adding Organic Sulfur to their diets.(19)

Common Questions

To allow enough time for organic sulfur to make its way through your lymphatics and avoid any potential conflict with any prescription medicines or supplements (including vitamins), our standard recommendation to take your organic sulfur dosage first, then wait 30 minutes before taking other products.

Add 1 tsp (per 100 lbs of body weight) to a glass of water or juice, stir and drink – once in the morning and again in afternoon.

Add 1/8 tsp per 30 lbs of body weight to their juice or smoothies.

Some people notice improved energy and stamina right away; others may require longer 3-5 weeks.

MSM seems to be well-tolerated since it’s completely natural and already found in the human body.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, based on the most reputable studies conducted so far on this supplement — such as a 2006 pilot study that analyzed the effects of 6,000 milligrams of MSM taken daily by patients with osteoarthritis — it effectively helps improve symptoms of pain and physical function without any major side effects. (1)

That being said, it is capable of causing mild side effects for some people, including indigestion, upset stomach or diarrhea.  As always, you’ll want to speak with a doctor before taking it regularly.

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