For centuries people have been living healthy naturally. We must give them credit. That is why we are here today. Unfortunately, the natural way of life that has prevailed is being lost and replaced by other “modern and scientific” ways of life. This is why it is a fact that over 97% of the population is no longer enjoying a healthy living, and that unhealthy lifestyles are being promoted as normal today.

In order to live, you need to eat, drink and breathe. The human body will metabolize what you put into it. If what is put in is good, then good health is attained. However, in our modern lifestyle, we do not always do so. For centuries, people had a simple way of life – they lived off the land and they were healthy. They ate a lot of fresh food and drank water from the streams and wells, and the air then was clean and pure.

What is the situation now?  Rather different.

It is our hope that this information will empower readers to better understand their own bodies and better manage their health.  We have listed several articles below in hopes you can reach your goals.